The fastest teletext browser for Android

User Manual

1. Swipe left for next page. Swipe right for previous page.
2. Swipe down for next sub page. Swipe up for previous sub page.
3. Tap on the link to open the linked page.
4. Press menu button to open the main menu.
5. Click on the page number widget or double tap the screen to input a page number.
6. Press back button to move to previous page in the navigation history.
7. Use page watch to watch whether a page content has changed. The watch polls the page in every 2 minutes.
8. Turn you phone into landscape mode in order to get the page zoomed. Turn your phone back to portrait mode in order to get the teletext in normal size.
9. If the user interface has not been translated into your own language yet, you can contribute into the translation process.
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